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2003-02-08, Daniel P. Beckmann. Journalists Journal-Oct 12th, 10-12-02:

An event like the Saturday night Bali Bombings causes a chain reactions in many different areas. It sparks reaction from government, relief workers, family and friends, and also the little gerbils running around in circles that are behind what you see on the 24-hour news stations. These are big events for the gerbils and stories like these, early on, can create a bit of a rush, that some use as their attraction to the news business. Moderator of Letters Daniel Beckmann wrote this after I got home from wurking as a line producer at Sky News Australia.

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2003-02-07, Daniel P. Beckmann. Pax Americana:

“So this is the Superpower? Those noisy, arrogant, obnoxious, fat, violent religious fanatics that we wanted out of our country all these years are now ruling the universe! All they care about are themselves and their money. They have no sense of history or culture, when they come here they travel in packs and they don’t even try to learn the language or the culture and now they’ve got enough nukes here that we can’t even fight amongst ourselves anymore! I mean sure, they helped us to rebuild after World War II but that really only made them richer. They’re all so violent everyone of ‘em carrying guns and if McDonald’s isn’t enough, now they want to take over the whole world under the guise of their moral code….haven’t they learned anything from history?” -Ze Euros

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2003-02-06, Daniel P. Beckmann. A TOMARKEN Superpack!::

A TOMARKEN Superpack!:
Pax Americana We’re #1!! We’re #1 How did all this come to America?
Journalists Journal-Oct. 12, 10-12-02 A comparison into another culture dealing with crisis.

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What are those kids abroad really studying anyway?-Part of a Tomarken ‘Superpack’…

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