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"Chick Accuses Some of Her Male Colleagues of Sexism" - The Los Angeles Times


The complete (aha) list of all off-site links ever posted on, in descending order.

09.30.04 Links. WSJ reporter Fassihi’s e-mail to friends It would seem that this private email somehow-circulated on the web would check out, only becuase it corresponds with so many other impressions of those I’ve met who have gone to tell us about what’s happening in Iraq. But if its contents are true, then why was it originally purportedly intended for a private audience–why not for readers of her Wall Street Journal? Additionally, and we do intend to enter this battlefield, this was one leak the DRUDGE REPORT failed to arrest plumber.

05.25.04 Links. In our continued pursuit of exposing howist our government operates behind the blue curtain, from similar source with introduce Washingtonienne:
The On-line Journal that starts it
The Jealous Bitch that exposes it
The Wash. Post Article that confirms the death of it

03.10.04 Links. Obama for Senate! Yea, you read that right OBAMA!-He’s running for the Democratic nomination for Senator of Illinois this year and has the endorsement of every major paper in the state. After Gov. Blagoyovich they may think they have a point, but in this day and age, Obama could be Mother Theresa but you gots tabe smokin’ something if you don’t address the obvious!{cough, cough, Barack don’t help much either}

1.06.04 Links. A lot of trash is talked about Detroit, MI…now here it is! The Ruins of Detroit I suggest the Classic Tour;)! If only those jokers at Cisco(R) had yet figured out how to create “smello-net”-of course, only to later control it-ENJOY!

12.30.03 Links. FINALLY!–The real deal on “meta-human” Dick Clark! It certainly takes some balls to come out with these kinds of goods conisdering DC’s known to make or (more importantly)->break. What you don’t know about Dick Clark {Psst…word to the wise, don’t drive in a car with this Pearl-man if yous knows what’s good, aigh’t?}

07.26.03 Links. Jane Barbe:She was the “telephone lady” that delivered the message, “We’re sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed.”

03.28.03 Links. Panel Finds Manipulation by Energy Companies
WE ARE NOT A POLE-Litical WEBSITE!! BUt we still want to be right, we still wants to start the band wagon. Here a trend. We’ve all heard about Dick Cheney and what comes out his slanty mouth, now the report comes out of his slack-jawed commission on the power crisis in California pre-Sept. 11th. A pattern of listening to the wrong people, getting the wrong ideas, telling others they’re idiots, and while your friends pocket the moo-la…

01.31.02 Links. A cultural adventure!! Look at Airline Meals from around the world!! Notice, for instance, how in America, the almighty individual gets nothing! Where as in Ethopia, you at least get a brown and orange, liquid concoction with rice!

11.27.02 Links. An Ailement! The media conspriracy you’ve always been waiting for.
Crossing the line?
and for example:
Gore’s TV War: He Lobs Salvo At Fox News

11.22.02 Links. According to some, this should be obvious, but it wasn’t to me! Sure Jacko’s insane, but until recently there hasn’t been such a strong campaign to point it out<--Someone’s trying to ruin Michael Jackson!. Its come from this:Jackson Blasts Music IndustryABC NEWS.COM 07.08.02
To this: Bizarre Behavior Cloud Michael Jackson’s FutureNYT 11.22.02. Even the king of pop can be dethroned…its how it works.

11.16.02 Links. ROONEY!! ROONEY!!
1 X 24 HOURS!! 1 X 24 HOURS!!

10.20.02 Links. Here now I expose yet another hypocracy of AOL(R)->#263. Even though they have worldwide locations they charge you 6$US per hour to dial into them!. Now…we can fight back…No More AOL CDs

10.20.02 Links. NO BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS HERE!! DON’T WURRY WE EAT PLENTY OF MEAT;), But I like these sorts of topics and you don’t have to read all of it. The NYT certainly gets plenty of press as it is-although here you’ll find all the nothing that’s fit to print…For Richer

09.20.02 Links. I know this is rather closed minded of me to put up since we are such a global audience these days, but maybe it’ll encourage a person to put up a similar study on our site that covers the cola dialects of Non-Papua New Guinea? And I guess no one says cola then? The Pop vs. Soda Page

08.02.02 Links. <-Check this ya trust him?{Well give his face a click} The long time senator from South Carolina is making some lofty claims about the deep roots of fuzzy math in this cun-try.

07.05.02 Links. 1989 - The CD that started it all, now available for d/l. The plunderphonic CD (never-for-sale, remaining stocks destroyed by Michael Jackson & CBS) became an underground cult classic. The realistic cover photo of a nude Michael Jackson revealed as a white woman paralleled the musical transformations depicted on the disc. Other electroquoted artists included Bing Crosby, The Beatles, Glenn Gould, Public Enemy & (consequently) James Brown. The samples Oswald used to create these pieces were studiously footnoted with all due credit given to the source artists. The disk was not sold but distributed freely to radio stations, libraries, critics and musicians. Despite this approach, prudes in the “Recording Industry” representing Michael Jackson destroyed the remaining copies and prohibited Oswald from distributing or reproducing the CD. -submitted by Richard Tebrick, your friend.

05.28.02 Links. So they say that we must kill Sadaam Hussien becuase Sadaam Hussien kills his own men!.

05.15.02 Links. Yes, we here at tomarken feel, if given the oppurtunity, we could design a better world, especially with consideration to all of the miserable design failures.

05.06.02 Links. As the college year or career is now drawing to a close for many, we now focus In and around the academic nucleus at the cultural center of the state that used to claim to be The Heart of it All! you are now no longer allowed to purchase glass bottles until further notice. Why?<-you ask? Becuase of a cause as pure as 50,000 attached to one single bureaucracy-db

05.05.02 Links. Sometimes, the good guys lose and the evil clown wins. It’s a sick sad world my friends.

05.03.02 Links. Strange cargo found in forest. How would you ever hear about anything if I didn’t tell you? -Richard

04.17.02 Links. U.S. Cautioned Leader of Plot Against Chávez
terrorism \Ter”ror*ism\, n. [Cf. F. terrorisme.] The act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; a mode of government by terror or intimidation. –Jefferson. Source: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. -db

04.09.02 Media. In the spirit of the aged (newly coined “lone cowboy of the microcosmic apocalypse”) I have decided to offer the users of tomarken with one of the correct music choices for viewing at this “eliminating market-segments” juncture in our website’s life. It is called Beloved Woman and I believe that woman is tomarken.

03.30.02 Links. The newest wave in super lightweight case mods, brought to you straight from Switzerland. Where else?

02.28.02 Links. Fatmouse is coming. Now I have seen it all. This is a MUST READ.

02.22.02 Links. Joseph Stoyer, 51, bled to death in an apparent freak accident after he fell while carrying his coffee and was fatally injured by shards of the broken mug. “It’s a strange kind of accident,” says a cop. “Somehow he falls, the cup shatters, he lands on one of the sharp pieces of the cup.”

02.19.02 Links. Homosexual Rape Fan Fiction set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Take a deep breath.

02.19.02 Links. Here. And here. Occationally people have messages to the Finnish newsgroup asking who is responsible for the terrible dubbing of such-and-such cartoon. Every time, the answer has been Agapio racing team (formerly known as Nordic Agapio). Usually the question leads to me ranting about how I hate everything Agapio represents. I decided to make a webpage to show just how I feel about them.

02.19.02 Links. From the Indiana Star. Here: CROWN POINT, Ind. — Four families are suing a church whose leaders they say forced their children to drink a mix of dog food, salsa, sauerkraut, sardines, potted meat, eggnog and cottage cheese.

02.18.02 Links. Why pay 500$ for Klipsch’s latest speaker system? You can make something that looks way cooler for the price of a DIY amplifier and some HDDs out of a dumpster. Check out this amazing article here: Afrotech’s Hard-disk Sound System.

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