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2004-05-31, News. Cristina Ellisson, Moderator of the Public:

As so many regimes have been known to do, and as our town elders have so advised, tomarken wishes to provide a vent for which the community can safely voice its anger without bringing down the whole damn thing. We have already provided to forum, but no…that’s too participatory, so what we are now going to do is bring in someone who will be that loud-mouth talk radio style voice that will carry out your bitches on your behalf. Meet Cristina Ellisson, the Moderator of the Public. While we’re at it, yes others do this too, but hold on a second there Ms. Ellisson, while the structure may be taken by example, the content certain will swipe unique in accordance with implicit doctrine.

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2004-05-24, F. Nick Michaels. THE TOMARKEN INTERVIEW SERIES:The Gun Toter!:

On behalf of Tomarken, Intervalist F. Nick Michaels on recent ocasion sat down with his 20-year old neighbor to try to understand why he needs 4 guns in his apartment in the tiny little college town of Pullman, WA. Here’s an oppurtunity to learn the motivation directly from one of these mystical Gun Toting creatures without having to directly fear for one’s life–thank you F. Nick, and from all of us at Tomarken, overlord’s speed.

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